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Launching a premium Australian domain name marketplace 

At Brandzilla, we are passionate about helping startup and established businesses find their perfect name. 

In pursuing our own business goals, we became frustrated with the process of securing a quality domain name. One that would allow us to stand out from the crowd.

We went to the large domain marketplaces and found that there were endless lists of poorly categorised names, that made it almost impossible to find what we were looking for. To add to this pain, when we did eventually find a name that we liked, we were faced with a 'make an offer' screen, with negotiations that ultimately went nowhere.

We understood that quality premium domain names are in high demand and we were willing to pay up for the right one, but time and time again we encountered a seller that wanted exorbitant sums, one such seller being so bold as to ask for $1 million for a name. 

That's why we developed Brandzilla. To make the process of finding a premium domain name as seamless and affordable as possible. We also wanted to create a platform that could inspire ideas, so we decided to professionally design logos for all of our names. We love business, and get no greater pleasure than seeing new ideas materialise into operating businesses.

All names on our platform have been carefully vetted for quality and pricing. We aspire to be the one-stop-shop for all your naming needs. 


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"To make the process of securing a premium domain name as easy and enjoyable as possible."


“Concentrate on your business, not your business name. Let us do the hard work for you.”

Cliff is the Managing Director of Brandzilla. He has held positions in some of the largest consulting and financial services firms in both Sydney and New York. He is passionate about branding, domain names, and helping others to reach their goals. 

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