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Do you own a premium domain name (.com or and looking to sell it?
Would you like your name to get additional exposure to potential buyers?
Do you have realistic sales price expectations?

If you answered yes to all three questions, then we have the solution for you!

Introducing Brandzilla, a curated Australian domain name marketplace. We list top quality names, design professional logos so your names can stand out, categorise your name so you get exposure to the right type of customer, and target market each name category. 

How it works:
1. Provide your details and the names that you would like to sell on Brandzilla (below), and simply submit
2. We review the domain names and respond via email whether they have been accepted and what price we are willing to list them at
3. You respond to the email with your approval 
4. We create the name on our platform, design the logo, categorise the name and add keywords for efficient search
5. You forward your name to the domain name's landing page at Brandzilla, whether directly, or through a custom monetisation page e.g. Uniregistry

Our selection criteria:
We select names for inclusion based on stringent and subjective criteria, specifically, demand, uniqueness and quality, learn more here.

We will consider including your name on our platform if it is a:
- One word dictionary term e.g.
- A positive two word name that makes absolute sense e.g.
- A three word name if it is very well understood phrase or saying e.g.
- A brandable name if it is very descriptive and there are few other alternatives e.g.
- A name that appeals to a broad audience and touches numerous industries - any name that is too specific to one locale or industry will likely be rejected

If a name was rejected for inclusion, it does not mean that it is a low quality name, it might just mean that it is not quite right for Brandzilla. We want the marketplace to have a certain look and feel, to give customer's the ultimate browsing experience, so we are quite picky in the types of names that we approve.

 Domain Name Submission Form

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